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Zapiary is a social community platform focused on bringing people and organizations with a shared purpose together in creative ways. The Company is committed to making it simple for users to discover, organize, and participate in activities and events relevant to their communities.

MTG Simple Life Counter


Magic the Gathering Life Counter iOS App

MTG Simple Life Counter is an iOS app for tracking life in the collectible card game Magic The Gathering. The app store has many life counters, but none looked or did exactly what I wanted. So I created my own. The app icon was designed by DWA.

Scatter Ball


iOS game inspired by the classic Skatter Ball carnival game

Scatter Ball is an iOS game for the iPhone that is inspired by the classic Skatter Ball carnival machine game. The app utilizes the SpriteKit physics engine for 2D games. The app is published on the app store and inlcudes game center integration for high score tracking.