Invent Value


Innovation Platform

Invent Value is a collaborative innovation platform that empowers organizations to tap the mindshare of their people for gathering diverse input, generating new ideas, and evaluating possible solutions to complex challenges.

Fresh Teams


Professional Services Automation

Fresh Teams is a Professional Services Automation Application used internally at Fresh Consulting.

Microsoft ATC


HR Project Management Application

Microsoft ATC (Air Traffic Controller) is an internal project management application for HR programs within Microsoft. 

Green Big Bowl


A Recipe Sharing and Meal Planning Social Network

Green Big Bowl is a recipe sharing and meal planning food network. This site features a meal planning tool, automated shopping list generator, recipe clipper, recipe collections, nested comment and reply system, extensible notification system, user profiles, and follower and following system.

The League of Thrones


Game of Thrones Fantasy League

League of Thrones was created off the basis of a sports fantasy league, except much more simplified. It’s a digital way of tracking and comparing how right you are in your Game of Thrones predictions throughout the season. We hope you find this to be a fun and useful tool to enjoy what’s left for the amazing run of this show.

Fresh Food Club


Food Review App

Fresh Food Club was a personal side project developed to provide a convenient platform for evaluating food and improving the food culture at Fresh.

Fresh Jeopardy


A Jeopardy App

This app was built for the purposes of learning Angular2, TypeScript, and Firebase. It was used internally at Fresh and CBRE for training purposes. The app consists of OAuth authentication, admin dashboard, Jeopardy game board generator, and buzzer.

Deal IQ


CBRE sales tool

Deal IQ is a simple way for CBRE brokers to organize and prioritize client data, prospects, notes, tasks, and more.

Market Builder


CBRE leadership tool

Market Builder is a cloud-based CBRE leadership tool. Connected to real-time market data sources, it helps everyone from Sales Management to local market leaders find growth opportunities, capture market share, and drive business development.

Flash Codes


A flash card app for quickly learning APIs

Flash Codes is a flash card app for quickly learning APIs. Why waste time looking things up in documentation when you can have it all memorized? Choose a deck and start playing immediately. View your report card at the end of each game.



Sweepstakes Site Builder

MicroSweepstakes is a sweepstakes site builder. I built this web application to automate the process of creating sweepstakes style websites. The app features a page builder and form builder. Sites are hosted on a microsweepstakes subdomain and can be set to use a custom domain.



Ad Sales Automation

Placements.io is a SaaS startup focused on building ad campaign management software with clients including Tumblr and Digital First Media. I worked at the company as the second full time engineer. I developed features, including data visualization and API integrations, across the full stack in Ruby on Rails and AngularJS.



Tournament Bracket Generator

Bracketbook is a tournament bracket generator web application developed as my class project for Applications with Ruby on Rails (RUBY CP210), at University of Washington. The dynamic bracket generator was developed using CoffeeScript. The data is persisted using a Ruby on Rails backend.

Catalysis Tools


Email Automation Tools

During my time at Catalysis, I developed several automation tools in Python to help speed up the email localization process. For example, one tool took an excel file as input and generated AMPscript for localizing an email in 30+ languages. I also developed a JavaScript tool for generating email templates.



Social Network

Inspired by the movie “The Social Network”, I created “Scccbook”, a social network clone that allows users to post messages on a “wall”. With Dreamweaver’s app development mode, PHP and MySQL, I implemented account creation, login system, user profiles, members list, and a “post wall”.