Thoughts on Blueprint CSS Framework


I remember reading somewhere that the whole point of CSS is to separate structural markup from presentational markup. That way, if I wanted to change the presentational style of 100 pages, I would only have to change the corresponding rules in the stylesheet. It seems like using the grid system in blueprint negates that advantage by mixing the structural and presentational markup. For example, if I wanted to change the width of my sidebar from 10 columns to 11 columns, I would then have to go through 100 pages and change the class from span-10 to span-11. It’s almost like the classes are acting as in-line attributes. However, the benefit of blueprint is that it massively reduces development time in the short run. So if time is short then blueprint may be a good option. But, in the long run it’s probably better to use your own framework. Another advantage of blueprint is that it is modular and you can use only the parts that you need. I personally like the reset.CSS and typography.CSS. It provides a good starting point which you can then customize to suit your needs.