03.13.2022 Advanced Python: Using decorators, argparse, and inspect to build Fastarg, a command line argument parser library
01.10.2022 FastAPI vs. Fastify vs. Spring Boot vs. Gin Benchmark
01.01.2022 FastAPI vs. Express.js vs. Flask vs. Nest.js Benchmark
12.31.2021 How to Build a Command Line Interface Tool with Python, Pandas, Typer, and Tabulate for Data Analysis
12.25.2021 Full Stack Next.js, FastAPI, PostgreSQL Tutorial
12.24.2021 How to Test an API with Pytest and Requests
12.24.2021 How to Build a User Authentication Flow with Next.js, FastAPI, and PostgreSQL
12.12.2021 How to Develop a Full Stack Next.js, FastAPI, PostgreSQL App Using Docker
12.06.2021 How to Deploy Next.js, FastAPI, and PostgreSQL with Shell Scripts
12.02.2021 How to Build a Full Stack Next.js, FastAPI, PostgreSQL Boilerplate Tutorial
11.29.2021 How to deploy Next.js with Nginx and PM2
11.28.2021 How to deploy FastAPI with Nginx and PM2
11.27.2021 How to deploy FastAPI with Nginx and Supervisor
11.29.2020 Docker Cheatsheet
11.28.2020 Simple Global State Management in Next.js
11.26.2020 One Punch Man
10.09.2016 How to deploy a Vue.js app to Heroku
05.24.2016 7 Tips for Recent Coding Bootcamp Grads
06.03.2015 Convert Exported Evernote HTML Files Into Text Files
05.11.2015 Lessons Learned Building a Rails App With Wildcard Subdomains
04.24.2015 SSL Certificate, Nginx, Ruby on Rails
04.05.2015 Ruby on Rails, Sending Email with sendmail on Ubuntu VPS
03.21.2015 Ruby on Rails, Nginx, Unicorn, Postgresql, Capistrano
03.16.2015 How to Set Up a Wildcard Subdomain on Heroku
03.15.2015 Ruby on Rails Dynamic Forms
03.13.2015 Code School JavaScript Best Practices Notes
03.10.2015 Lessons Building a Simple iOS + Backbone.js + Ruby on Rails App
02.24.2015 iOS Gray Out View and Add an Activity Indicator in the Center
02.24.2015 Undoing Published Commits with Git
02.23.2015 Project Euler Problem 4 – Largest palindrome product
02.16.2015 ReCaptcha Gem Custom Theme
02.09.2015 Project Euler Problem 3 – Largest prime factor
02.04.2015 Project Euler Problem 2 – Even Fibonacci Numbers
02.03.2015 Project Euler Problem 1 – Sum of Multiples of 3 and 5
02.02.2015 iOS Equal Width Auto Layout Tutorial
02.01.2015 Incompatible integer to pointer conversion assigning to ‘int *’ from ‘int’
01.31.2015 JavaScript Augmentation
01.30.2015 JavaScript Global Imports
01.29.2015 JavaScript Anonymous Closures
01.28.2015 JavaScript Namespacing
01.26.2015 Trello vs. KanbanFlow vs. Pivotal Tracker vs. Asana vs. Basecamp
01.25.2015 HTML5 Geolocation and Ruby Geocoder
01.24.2015 Ruby on Rails Geolocation
01.23.2015 JavaScript Numbers
01.22.2015 JavaScript Brackets
01.21.2015 Ruby on Rails Render vs. Redirect
01.20.2015 JavaScript Eval
01.19.2015 The Elements of Style
01.18.2015 JavaScript With Statement
01.17.2015 JavaScript Exception Handling
01.16.2015 Design Consistency
01.15.2015 Random Retro Avatar
01.14.2015 Responsive CSS Breakpoints
01.13.2015 WordPress Custom Post Type Current Page Parent
01.12.2015 iOS Programming Vocabulary 5
01.11.2015 iOS Programming Vocabulary 4
01.10.2015 JavaScript Comparisons
01.09.2015 JavaScript Measuring Performance with console.time
01.08.2015 JavaScript Short Performance Tips
01.07.2015 JavaScript Script Execution
01.06.2015 JavaScript Loop Optimization
01.05.2015 JavaScript Switch Fall-Through
01.04.2015 Handcrafted CSS
01.03.2015 JavaScript AND Assignment
01.02.2015 iOS Programming Vocabulary 3
01.01.2015 New Year’s Resolution 2015
12.31.2014 JavaScript OR Assignment
12.30.2014 JavaScript Ternary Conditional
12.29.2014 Ruby on Rails 4 Session Cookie
12.28.2014 Launch Sublime Text 3 from Command Line
12.27.2014 HTTP Request Response Cycle
12.26.2014 Useful curl Commands
12.25.2014 How to Symlink a File in Mac OS X
12.24.2014 Guard::LiveReload Automatic Browser Reload
12.23.2014 How to Deploy an iPhone App
12.22.2014 How to Set Up A Custom Domain on Heroku
12.21.2014 Useful Sublime Text User Preferences for Ruby on Rails Development
12.20.2014 How to Install Postgresql on Mac OS X
12.19.2014 Beware of DNS Propagation
12.18.2014 Ruby on Rails Mountable vs. Full Engine
12.17.2014 CoffeeScript Fat Arrow
12.16.2014 How Swing Copter Inspired Me to Learn iOS Development
12.15.2014 Design Tips for Developers
12.14.2014 Don’t Use WEBrick on Production
12.13.2014 How to Keep Heroku Dyno from Idling
12.12.2014 Omniauth with Ruby on Rails, Devise, and Twitter
12.11.2014 Useful Software for Ruby on Rails Development on Mac OS X
12.10.2014 10 Useful Ruby Gems
12.09.2014 Free Background Processes on Heroku with One Web Dyno
12.08.2014 How to Increase Sublime Text Sidebar Font Size
12.07.2014 Useful Sublime Text Plugins
12.06.2014 Hello world!
08.05.2011 ITC 280 assignment 10
08.05.2011 Information about hosting
08.04.2011 Illustrator Adding Strokes to Text
08.02.2011 ITC 280 assignment nine
07.31.2011 ITC 280 Assignment eight Part two
07.30.2011 ITC 280 assignment eight
07.27.2011 ITC 280 Assignment Seven
07.25.2011 Illustrator Slice Tool
07.25.2011 Illustrator notes
07.23.2011 Illustrator Symbols
07.22.2011 Random Background Script for BG Stretcher using PHP shuffle function
07.19.2011 ITC 280 assignment six
07.19.2011 ITC 280 Assignment 5
07.18.2011 Easy Nivo Slider Plug-In for WordPress
07.17.2011 WordPress Sandbox
07.14.2011 ITC 280 Assignment 4
07.11.2011 New BG Stretcher Slideshow With Pager Added
07.09.2011 ITC 280 Assignment 3
07.09.2011 WordPress Customized Meta Widget
07.08.2011 CSS conditional comments for Internet Explorer
07.08.2011 Clearfix for IE vs Firefox
07.05.2011 JQuery Cycle Plugin
07.04.2011 JQuery Slider
07.04.2011 WordPress Page Navigation
07.01.2011 ITC 280 Web Databases Assignment 2
06.29.2011 ITC 280 Web Databases Assignment One
06.29.2011 Difference between Categories and Tags
06.28.2011 Good Social Media Sharing Plug-In for WordPress
06.28.2011 Subscribe2 plug-in for WordPress
06.27.2011 Thoughts on Blueprint CSS Framework
06.25.2011 Ordering subpages in WordPress
06.25.2011 Testing Video with Shadowbox
06.24.2011 Summer Break
06.24.2011 cool shadowbox plug-in
06.24.2011 Flickr plug-in for WordPress
06.23.2011 How to link to the CSS3 validator
06.23.2011 jQuery scrollTo plugin
06.16.2011 Good Social Media Icons
06.14.2011 Background Stretcher Part Two
06.13.2011 Background Stretcher
06.13.2011 Cropping Images in Photoshop without Distortion
06.13.2011 CSS for Fixed Background Image
06.13.2011 CSS Child Selector Used with Drop-Down Menu Widget
06.12.2011 What is Lorem Ipsum?
06.11.2011 WordPress Code To Show a List of Recent Posts
06.11.2011 Where can I get some?
06.11.2011 WordPress get_template_part()
06.11.2011 CSS Clear Fix
06.11.2011 Semi-Transparent Backgrounds
06.10.2011 Why do we use it?
06.10.2011 Where does it come from?
06.09.2011 CSS for Changing the Input Fields in WordPress
06.09.2011 Good Drop-Down Menu Plug-In for WordPress
06.09.2011 wp_head and wp_footer
06.09.2011 You Cannot Stop Inheritance in CSS
06.08.2011 The 12 Column Wireframe for this Site
06.08.2011 Good WordPress Contact Form Plug-In
06.07.2011 Copying and Pasting Code In Eclipse
06.07.2011 Don’t Forget to Instantiate
06.06.2011 Auto Format Option for Android XML in Eclipse
06.06.2011 SQL Helper Class Example
06.06.2011 SQL Insert Syntax for Android
06.06.2011 SQL Update Syntax for Android
06.06.2011 Content Values
06.06.2011 Class Scope Variable
06.05.2011 SQL Lite for android tip
06.03.2011 How to add an android device?
06.02.2011 ‘Thread was being aborted’ error in ASP.NET
05.30.2011 How to List Sub Pages Even If on a Sub Page in WordPress
05.29.2011 Google Font API
05.27.2011 Immediate Parent Page Title in WordPress
05.27.2011 Static Grandparent Page Title in WordPress
05.27.2011 C# SelectedValue vs. SelectedItem
05.26.2011 WordPress is_home() vs. is_front_page()
05.26.2011 WordPress
05.25.2011 Reading Data with LINQ
05.25.2011 How to Make a Clipping Mask in Illustrator
05.25.2011 Grid View in
05.25.2011 How to Run a SQL Script in Visual Studio
05.25.2011 How to Connect to SQL Database in Visual Studio
05.25.2011 Basic Color Theory
05.25.2011 Query String in
05.25.2011 Ajax in
05.25.2011 C# TryParse
05.25.2011 Validation Controls
05.25.2011 CSS Positioning Tip
05.25.2011 How to Redirect a Page in
05.25.2011 Session Variable
05.25.2011 Photoshop Tracing
05.25.2011 SQL Server Not Letting You Save Tables?
05.25.2011 How to Generate Script of Database in SQL Server
05.25.2011 Moving a Database in SQL Server Management Studio
05.25.2011 Photoshop Macro
05.25.2011 MS SQL Server Management Studio
05.25.2011 How to Make a 12 Column Grid in Illustrator
05.24.2011 Gradients, Drop Shadows, and Rounded Corners
05.24.2011 How to Make a Color Palette in Illustrator
05.20.2011 LINQ to SQL
05.19.2011 Android New Layout Checklist
05.19.2011 How to Define a Pattern in Illustrator
05.18.2011 WEB200 Visual Design Assignment