Deal IQ


CBRE sales tool

Deal IQ is a simple way for CBRE brokers to organize and prioritize client data, prospects, notes, tasks, and more.

Market Builder


CBRE leadership tool

Market Builder is a cloud-based CBRE leadership tool. Connected to real-time market data sources, it helps everyone from Sales Management to local market leaders find growth opportunities, capture market share, and drive business development.

Verizon Go Global



In collaboration with T.D. Wang, I developed the Verizon Go Global sweepstakes microsite. I developed the web forms and backend for tracking user entries. The website is featured in three different languages and displays geo-targeted advertisements based on user location.



Ad Sales Automation

Placements.io is a SaaS startup focused on building ad campaign management software with clients including Tumblr and Digital First Media. I worked at the company as the second full time engineer. I developed features, including data visualization and API integrations, across the full stack in Ruby on Rails and AngularJS.

KCON Wish List


Sweepstakes Entry

In collaboration with T.D. Wang, I a developed a sweepstakes microsite for Verizon KCON Wish List. The site features three upload fields for users to upload images. The back-end was developed with Ruby on Rails. I developed an admin dashboard for viewing entries and image uploads. The website was designed by Abe Wong.

More Rewards Sweepstakes


Sweepstakes Entry Microsite

In collaboration with T.D. Wang, I developed a responsive one page sweepstakes microsite featuring May Day. I developed the web form and database for capturing user entries. The website was designed by Abe Wong.

Verizon Harvest Moon


Promotional Microsite

In collaboration with T.D. Wang, I developed the website for Verizon Harvest Moon, a sweepstakes marketing campaign. I developed the web forms and backend system for tracking unique prize codes and redemption process, Rails I18n localization in 3 languages, custom CMS and admin dashboard, CDN asset distribution, and weekly report cron jobs.

Verizon APAHM Tour


Marketing Microsite

This website was built, in collaboration with T.D. Wang Advertising Agency, for The Verizon APAHM Tour. The website attracted over 85,000 hits on the day of the launch. The website was designed by Abe Wong. I developed the sign-up forms, user uploads, database, reports, email marketing service integration, and a backend dashboard.

DreamBox Learning


Marketing Website

As a contractor through The Creative Group, I helped DreamBox Learning, an Adaptive Math Software company, develop features for their marketing website. I created a videos page along with an admin interface for managing the content. I also performed various maintenance across the site and blog.

ID Spring Roll


International District

I helped T.D. Wang Advertising Agency develop the website for Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDpda). The website was designed by Abe Wong. It features automatically shifting graphic elements to fit the height of the browser window. One notable effect is the scrolling transition and disappearing nav bar.