Fresh Teams

Professional Services Automation


Fresh Teams is a Professional Services Automation Application used internally at Fresh Consulting.


  • Created the foundation for the backend rewrite in NodeJS, and rewrote much of the API and database schema.
  • Set up GCP cloud infrastructure, Storage buckets, Container registry, VPC, Cloud SQL, Monitoring, and other Cloud resources with Terraform.
  • Design, deploy, and manage Kubernetes cluster for 3 environments.
  • Develop the original Django backend.
  • Introduce backend testing using Jest.
  • Set up CI/CD pipeline.
  • Set up local docker-compose development environment.
  • Set up the OAuth log in flow.
  • Contribute to numerous other features including admin dashboard.
  • Provide DevOps training to team.
  • Onboarded multiple developers.
  • Jaccard similarity algorithm for calculating user similarity and trigram similarity global search.
  • Contributed to the original concept and worked weekends to bring idea to fruition.
  • Heroic refactor of the front-end state management system in MobX.
  • Created a g-suite sync cron job.


GCP, JavaScript, Kubernetes, Node.js, PostgreSQL, React