Side Projects


Command Line Argument Parser


Green Big Bowl

A Recipe Sharing and Meal Planning App

MySQL, Node.js, React

Time Mage

Time Tracking Tool For Freelancers

CSS, D3, Electron, JavaScript, React

The League of Thrones

Game of Thrones Fantasy League

Docker, Express, GCP, Heroku, JavaScript, Kubernetes, Node.js, PostgreSQL, React

Fresh Food Club

Food Review App

Bootstrap, Django, Python

Fresh Jeopardy

A Jeopardy App

Angular2, Firebase, TypeScript

Flash Codes

A flash card app for quickly learning APIs

CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery


Sweepstakes Site Builder

Bootstrap, HTML5, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, SCSS

MTG Simple Life Counter

Magic the Gathering Life Counter iOS App

iOS, Objective-C

Scatter Ball

iOS game inspired by the classic Skatter Ball carnival game

GIMP, iOS, SpriteKit, Swift

Bieber Pong

HTML5 Pong Game

Heroku, HTML5, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, SCSS

Angular Select

AngularJS module for a dynamic selection

AngularJS, JavaScript

Zombie Apocalypse

Chat Room Application

CSS, Express, Heroku, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, Redis, Socket.IO

HTML5 Slot Machine

HTML5 Slot Machine Game

HTML5, Illustrator, JavaScript

HTML5 Asteroids

HTML5 Asteroids Game

HTML5, JavaScript

HTML5 Pong

HTML5 Pong Game

HTML5, JavaScript

The Anti-Tourist

Travel Blog

CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Photoshop, PHP

Korea Journey

Gallery CMS

CSS, HTML, MySQL, Photoshop, PHP