7 Tips for Recent Coding Bootcamp Grads


1. Keep working on interesting projects and finish what you start. Continue pushing to github. Projects must get progressively more challenging and impressive.

2. Build a portfolio website and post all of your projects there. Having a site makes it easier to sell your skills during interview.

3. Practice difficult programming problems. Do “code katas” on codewars.com, topcoder, project euler etc. This will help with those interview questions.

4. Take online courses. I recommend code school, pluralsight, and coursera. Then apply what you learn in projects.

5. Read a lot of programming books.

6. Watch screencasts. These are useful when you’re working on projects and need to figure out how to implement a specific feature.

7. Build your “brand” and online presence. Start a blog and write about programming stuff. Fill in linkedin with projects and clients. Get testimonials. Etc.