How to Deploy an iPhone App


Step 1: Sign Up For Apple Developer Account Sign up for the $99/year Developer Program here. You’ll need it to deploy your apps onto a test device and eventually to the app store.

Step 2: Deploy your app to a test device

Follow the steps in this article:

Step 3: Submit your app to the app store

Follow the steps in this article:


Change Build Configuration to Release

There are a couple of gotchas. In Xcode, you will need to go to product -> scheme -> edit scheme -> build configuration -> release.
If you miss this crucial step of changing the build configuration to release, it will cause errors in the production version of your app.

Register a new bundle ID on the Developer Portal

Go to iTunes Connect and click on new iOS App “+” icon. Click on the link to “Register a new bundle ID on the Developer Portal”. There, you will create a new bundle ID. It should be the same as the bundle ID that you set for your app. For example, “com.travisluong.MyApp”.

Export package and deliver using Application Loader

Then go to product -> archive. Then in the Window Organizer, click on Export. This will export a package. Then you can use Application Loader to “Deliver Your App” by uploading the package to the app store.

Waiting for app approval takes about a week or more.

Screenshot sizes

You may also need to take screenshots for several different screen sizes for the app store. To do that, in the iOS simulator, go to File > Save Screenshot. Here is a list of each screenshot you’ll need along with corresponding iPhone version:

  • iPhone 6 plus = 5.5 inches
  • iPhone 6 = 4.7 inches
  • iPhone 5s = 4 inches
  • iPhone 4s = 3.5 inches