ITC 280 assignment eight


I just completely reorganized the directory structure for my ITC 280 website. It was a complete mess and I finally did something about it. No more losing productivity over looking for files. WinSCP is okay, but I think I prefer Dreamweaver since it locks you into the web root. Also I have it set to upload on save which saves me the hassle of clicking and dragging files back and forth or hitting the upload button. For my final project, I am going to do a mock e-commerce website which will be database driven. I will use the design that I will be producing in ITC 200, my UX design class. I wanted to migrate the nmCommon package from my Zephyr server over to my dream host server, but I only wanted the files which I really needed in order to complete the assignment. There were a lot of files. After some investigation, I isolated the inc_0700 folder, demo_list and demo_view, and the theme folder as all I really needed to get things up and running. Hopefully things won’t break down in the future because I left out some of the other files and folders. Another important thing I learned is the difference between virtual path and physical path. the virtual path was pretty easy to figure out. But I actually had to look up on Google what the physical path was and how to find it as a dream host user. When I attempted to do a PHP include of my spotlight animation, it crashed my site. I’m still not sure why I’m unable to include that, but what I ended up doing was using the config object and echoing it into the page. I spent about six hours on this.

update: I know why my spotlight animation wasn’t working. I forgot to upload it to the server into the right directory.
Next step: create new database table and insert new data. Then style the HTML.