ITC 280 Assignment eight Part two


time spent: eight hours

I had already created a content inventory for my UX design class which I decided to use for this assignment. The content inventory was in the format of an Excel spreadsheet. Instead of typing everything out in SQL, I figured there might be a way to import the Excel spreadsheet into PHPMyAdmin. That wasn’t too difficult. All I had to do was make sure that the first row had the correct column names. After importing, I needed to add the primary key set to auto increment for the table. Then I needed to rename the table since the default “content inventory” needed to be changed. To do that, clicked on the operations tab and change the table name to test_products. Once the table had been created and data inserted, I exported to file into SQL format which is needed for this assignment. That took up about half of the time. The other half was spent formatting the HTML markup and CSS and adding the product photography and getting it to look the way I wanted.