About Viome

Viome is a health technology company that focuses on personalized nutrition and wellness. It uses advanced technology to analyze an individual’s microbiome, which consists of the trillions of microorganisms living in the human gut, to provide insights and recommendations for improving health. Viome’s services typically include gut microbiome testing through at-home test kits, which analyze the genetic material of the microbiota present in a stool sample. Based on the results, Viome offers personalized dietary and supplement recommendations aimed at improving gut health and overall well-being.

The company combines microbiome analysis with artificial intelligence to interpret the data and provide actionable insights. Viome’s approach is grounded in the idea that gut health plays a crucial role in various aspects of human health, including digestion, immune function, and mental health. By tailoring nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to the individual’s unique microbiome profile, Viome aims to help users achieve better health outcomes.

Work Description

As a Senior Full Stack Developer at Viome, I was responsible for the design, implementation, and augmentation of new and existing core services in a large scale microservice architecture.

In the first 2 years at Viome, I worked on the Application Development team, where my focus was on building out the back end systems to add multilingual support to the existing application, along with system integration with a foreign partner web application. For this, I collaborated with the following cross-organizational engineering teams to deliver on project requirements: AI and Data Science, Application Development, Foreign Partner IT Team, and External Engineering Contractors.

During that time, a large portion of time was allocated toward toil, which is the repetitive tasks that must done to keep the business running. I introduced several automation initiatives with internal tools, such as an API for customer support, as well as a CLI tool for developers to handle common customer support tickets.

In my remaining time, I worked on the Business and Subscription System Infrastructure team, where I contributed Java code to a highly custom and bespoke subscription system and built out integration tests using Cucumber. I conducted performance testing on the Kubernetes cluster and analysed production logs and metrics to aid in the diagnosis of production issues.

I also presented on various engineering topics including tooling for Kubernetes, Front End Caching Solutions, and Durable Execution Systems to advocate for increased productivity, system reliability, and fault tolerance.


2021 – 2023

– Developed the localization system and ETL process for multilingual support of the Viome App.
– Developed an anonymous SSO authentication and product registration flow for external partners.
– Developed a data sync service to provide status updates to external consumers.
– Collaborated with internal stakeholders, external partners, and cross-organizational engineering teams to deliver on project requirements.
– Created a suite of CLI tools and APIs to reduce the turnaround time of on-call issues.
– Developed an API monitoring microservice and middleware to track API usage.
– Set up API monitoring and uptime checks.
– Conducted load testing and performance tuning on Kubernetes cluster.
– Developed internal tools for subscription management.
– Made core contributions to the subscription system.
– Set up and configure the CICD pipeline.
– Built out Cucumber test suite for backend integration testing and QA automation.
– Advocated improved tooling including Lens, SWR, and Temporal.