Angular Select


AngularJS module for a dynamic selection

Angular Select is a select box module for AngularJS. This module was built as an AngularJS directive and can be included in any AngularJS application to provide it with a basic select box functionality. It includes a “fuzzy search” at the top of the select box.

Static Blocks


Light Weight CMS Ruby Gem

Static Blocks is an open sourced light weight CMS Ruby Gem. This gem was developed for my class project at the Code Fellows Ruby on Rails bootcamp. It is powered by Rails Engines and features a simple admin interface, support for i18n internationalization, http basic authentication, search, wysihtml5 editor, csv import and export.



Generate blank WordPress themes

WPGen is an open sourced Ruby Gem command line tool for quickly generating WordPress themes. The CLI allows you to rapidly generate new themes, custom post types, custom page templates, dynamic sidebars, and aggregating css selectors. I developed this tool for my class project for Ruby: The Core Language (RUBY CP110) at UW.