I have worked with Travis for over two years and he has been on my team for over six months. Travis is a really strong javascript developer. I can pass him user stories of any complexity and he passes back complete functional features. He does a great job scoping out work and rising concerns about the future impact of engineering decisions. Recently we shipped a major feature that required Travis to shred a tons of legacy code and start over. The result looks great visually and runs smoothly we couldn’t have completed the project that quickly without his help. Travis is a valuable addition to any dev team.
– James Mategko, Senior Application Developer at CBRE DEV

I have had the pleasure of working with Travis over the past year and have come to know him as a an exceptional developer who is proficient in JavaScript and demonstrates a natural ability to solve complex problems. He is able to help the team meet deadlines by delivering creative solutions and high quality code in a timely manner. Travis is also a great mentor and eager to help others learn. All in all, Travis is a great team member to have all around.
– Kaylyn Yuh, Software Engineer at CBRE DEV

I’ve had the privilege of working with Travis on two data-driven platforms at CBRE, and he has been invaluable in helping our group develop multiple front end applications for our Python/Django/DRF code base. His AngularJS, mapping/Leaflet, and other contributions helped us to transform our product(s) into beautiful, intuitive, enterprise-level real estate applications. Furthermore, Travis has always delivered excellent code well ahead of schedule. On a personal level, Travis is what I call good people. He’s very low-maintenance, steadfast, focused, reliable, and reserved – and he is exceedingly kind, accessible, and helpful. When I ask for his input/advice, I always receive a thorough, thoughtful, and well-written/well-spoken answer. I would recommend Travis to any developer team in a heartbeat.
– Britt Dawn Johnson, Developer at Market Builder CBRE

Travis worked for me a very difficult and intense role at placements.io. At the time, we had an enormous amount of work with very few resources. It was the responsibility of Travis to not only learn but build feature across the stack with efficiency and speed. Travis was able to consistently deliver in three core areas: (1) meeting deadlines, (2) able to figure out difficult or fragmented requirements with calm and resiliency, and (3) continuous dedication to learning and applying new technologies. As such, Travis was a great employee which I counted on for intelligence, pragmatic technology advise, and delivering functional solutions for me on time. I give a very strong recommendation for Travis and welcome any inquiry to speak upon his strengths as an engineer and great employee. If I had a choice, we’d hire him back without question!
– Edwin Fu, Co-Founder at Placements.io

Travis has played an integral part in the development of digital marketing campaigns in partnership with T.D. Wang Advertising Group. His problem solving skills are unparalleled, and his timeliness to meeting deadlines is superb. I have complete confidence in his back end development and would be my go-to guy for any questions and advice throughout the design process.
– Abe Wong, Associate Art Director at T.D. Wang Advertising Group, LLC

Travis is extremely effective at solving tasks when presented with challenges. When he finds room for efficiency in production, he’ll create tools and automation to streamline workflow and better the team as a whole. He’s motivated, gets the job done, and is fun to work with. Travis is an asset to any group.
– Rick Pierce, Front-End Development Lead at Catalysis

I had the great opportunity to work with Travis as he helped our company and my team complete very time sensitive and high quality tasks for our clients. I was very impressed with Travis’ ability to identify inefficient processes and go the extra mile to deliver tools and methods to help our teams productivity and quality. I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with Travis again in the near future.
– Andres Mendez, Technical Solutions Lead at Catalysis

During the 4-5 months Travis worked for us at DreamBox Learning as a contract WordPress developer, he was instrumental in assisting me implement features I had designed and specified for the marketing website. Amidst extremely tight turn times, he was able to complete his deliverables with a fair degree of quality. To be fair, he was challenged by the level of complexity and scope of work given to him for this was his first experience working on a corporate site. Yet Travis faced these challenges with fervent enthusiasm and unwavering determination. One of the most impressive qualities about Travis is his propensity towards arriving at creative solutions he himself had not tried before and were not found in any prescriptive solution found online. Still, Travis was resourceful and would adapt PHP code that was already written for similar applications in order to leverage efficiencies. I enjoyed working with Travis as his direct report. His punctuality, respectful demeanor, curiosity and willingness to collaborate gave me a lot of confidence in him as a team member. He listened. He learned. And he delivered. I would gladly work with Travis again on development projects and would have no reservations recommending him to anyone considering him for employment.
– Arnold Dela Cruz, Web Developer at DreamBox Learning