Invent Value


Innovation Platform

Invent Value is a collaborative innovation platform that empowers organizations to tap the mindshare of their people for gathering diverse input, generating new ideas, and evaluating possible solutions to complex challenges.

Fresh Teams


Professional Services Automation

Fresh Teams is a Professional Services Automation Application used internally at Fresh Consulting.

Microsoft ATC


HR Project Management Application

Microsoft ATC (Air Traffic Controller) is an internal project management application for HR programs within Microsoft. 

Green Big Bowl


A Recipe Sharing and Meal Planning Social Network

Green Big Bowl is a recipe sharing and meal planning food network. This site features a meal planning tool, automated shopping list generator, recipe clipper, recipe collections, nested comment and reply system, extensible notification system, user profiles, and follower and following system.

Time Mage


Time Tracking Tool For Freelancers

Time Mage is a time tracking tool designed for freelancers. Time Mage is great for tracking time, and seeing reports and statistics on where your hours are going.

The League of Thrones


Game of Thrones Fantasy League

League of Thrones was created off the basis of a sports fantasy league, except much more simplified. It’s a digital way of tracking and comparing how right you are in your Game of Thrones predictions throughout the season. We hope you find this to be a fun and useful tool to enjoy what’s left for the amazing run of this show.

Deal IQ


CBRE sales tool

Deal IQ is a simple way for CBRE brokers to organize and prioritize client data, prospects, notes, tasks, and more.

Market Builder


CBRE leadership tool

Market Builder is a cloud-based CBRE leadership tool. Connected to real-time market data sources, it helps everyone from Sales Management to local market leaders find growth opportunities, capture market share, and drive business development.

KCON Wish List


Sweepstakes Entry

In collaboration with T.D. Wang, I a developed a sweepstakes microsite for Verizon KCON Wish List. The site features three upload fields for users to upload images. The back-end was developed with Ruby on Rails. I developed an admin dashboard for viewing entries and image uploads. The website was designed by Abe Wong.

Bieber Pong


HTML5 Pong Game

Bieber Pong is a pong game featuring Justin Bieber. This website was done in collaboration with Paul Boupha and Vince Mak. I developed the game logic in JavaScript and the back-end in Ruby on Rails for tracking high scores. This website was featured on Airing News, AJC, Chicago Egotist, DailyMe, DigiDay, Elite Daily, Hello You Creatives, INOOZ, Regator, SF Weekly, Stara.fl, TIME, Veooz.

Verizon Harvest Moon


Promotional Microsite

In collaboration with T.D. Wang, I developed the website for Verizon Harvest Moon, a sweepstakes marketing campaign. I developed the web forms and backend system for tracking unique prize codes and redemption process, Rails I18n localization in 3 languages, custom CMS and admin dashboard, CDN asset distribution, and weekly report cron jobs.

Verizon APAHM Tour


Marketing Microsite

This website was built, in collaboration with T.D. Wang Advertising Agency, for The Verizon APAHM Tour. The website attracted over 85,000 hits on the day of the launch. The website was designed by Abe Wong. I developed the sign-up forms, user uploads, database, reports, email marketing service integration, and a backend dashboard.

HTML5 Slot Machine


HTML5 Slot Machine Game

I designed and developed a slot machine game in HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript. I used the graphic assets I designed from the Illustrator course (ITC298) at SCCC. The game features 9 line bet options and animated tiles, and is currently my most starred repository on GitHub.

HTML5 Asteroids


HTML5 Asteroids Game

Originally a mini-project for Coursera’s Interactive Python course, I ported the game logic to HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript. The game was designed with open source graphics and music. Control a space ship and shoot down asteroids. The game features sprite frame animations, rolling background, and explosion effects.

ID Spring Roll


International District

I helped T.D. Wang Advertising Agency develop the website for Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDpda). The website was designed by Abe Wong. It features automatically shifting graphic elements to fit the height of the browser window. One notable effect is the scrolling transition and disappearing nav bar.